AESOP Epistēmē


'Epistēmē' is a collaboration with artist Bart Hess for Aesop. Epistēmē is an ancient Greek word for knowledge and understanding. The video installation on Myer Bourke Street, Myer Sydney and Myer Brisbane is a 60m long projection evoking the experience of Aesop's offering.


FITC FESTIVAL Opening Titles


Soundtrack for the FITC art & technology festival leader. Collaboration with motion graphics studio KORB.




Commissioned by the van Abbe Museum as part of the ongoing exhibition Once upon a time. 'This is not a space' is a soundtrack made with binaural stereo, to achieve realistic sound environments. Visitors to the exhibition wear headphones that transmit the soundtrack via a radio broadcast. They are able to walk around freely while unconsciously the museum and the sound gradually merge.



The architecture of the Van Abbemuseum building and the exhibition both impact how the visitor experiences the works of art. In this Storyline, the visitor chooses the route. This is not a space is an audible fictional layer superimposed on the physical surroundings. It gradually becomes an unquestioned part of the architecture. The illusion of new space draws the visitor through the exhibition along unanticipated ways, so as to experience surprising moments of confrontation, recognition and contemplation.


Station Of Being


A collaboration with architecture studio Rombout Frieling Lab and Research Institute of Sweden on an interactive bus stop in the arctic city of Umeå in the north of Sweden. By developing a sound experience that indicates the destination of the bus in combination with the lighting choreography, waiting for the bus is transcended in a moment of contemplation and comfort in arctic conditions.


Swimmer Shaved


Swimmer shaved is a collaboration with filmmaker Bart Hess for Nowness.com. Turning a mechanical act of grooming into a strangely hypnotic performance.